Monthly School Tuition Rates for 2021-2022
Ages 3-6** years
Primary Program
3 full days                          $590.00
   with Extended Day       $695.00
5 full days                          $700.00
   with Extended Day       $825.00
**Children age 5 prior to the start of the school year
will be enrolled at 5 full days to maximize the Montessori
Ages 6-9 years
Lower Elementary Program
5 full days                        $700.00
   with Extended Day     $825.00
Ages 9-12 years
Upper Elementary Program
5 full days                        $700.00
   with Extended Day     $825.00

Additional Fees

Application Fee                                        $25.00

Waitlist Fee                                               $50.00

money paid goes towards the Enrollment Fee once space becomes available

New Family Enrollment Fee                $200.00

Re-Enrollment Fee                                  $75.00

Annual Materials Fee                           $125.00

Extended Day                                            $9/hr

if not built into your monthly tuition


Extracurricular Classes             priced per class

Field Trips                                   priced per trip


Tuition Discounts


Tuition rates are subject to change without notice. Yearly tuition may be paid for a 10 month school calendar year with a 5% discount, if paid by August 5th.


After the first student is enrolled, there is a $50 discount per month from the original tuition amount for each additional enrolled sibling.


A tuition referral credit is also available.

CMA partners with Smart Tuition to offer our families flexibility for tuition payments. Families may choose one of three optional payment dates in order to ease payment of tuition.


Families must register through Smart Tuition in order to finalize enrollment with CMA. Initial enrollment fees will be payable to CMA directly upon enrollment. All subsequent payments will be facilitated through Smart Tuition.


Payments accepted: cash, auto-draft, or credit cards.