Many students are uncomfortable in a traditional school setting. "One size" does not fit all. We tailor the learning environment to each student's needs - recognizing that each child learns in a different way. Because of this, many children excel beyond their peers in traditional school settings.  Students attending CMA are able to explore, learn, and discover not only their environment, but interpersonal relationships as well. We guide students with communication, social interactions, and proper play so they are well-equipped with life skills they need.  Each student has a unique learning style and as such, will not be labeled or discouraged; but instead, encouraged to pursue individual studies at their own pace and with the assistance of the Lead Guide. This practice is unique to Montessori methodology.

Our Lead Guides (teachers) are Montessori certified and bring additional experience in Child Development, Spanish, Business Management, Culinary Arts, & Fine Arts. Collectively, we have over 70 years teaching experience. Our guides and assistants work closely together to ensure your child receives care and consideration for their individual needs as they progress through our programs.


Christian Montessori Academy is a member of both the American Montessori Society and the International Montessori Council, maintaining a code of ethics and standards as set forth.

Primary (ages 3-6)

CMA's Primary classrooms provide opportunities for the child to explore, learn, and discover not only their environment, but interpersonal relationships as well. 


Between the ages of 3 & 6, children are curious about everything. The classroom environment is warm and inviting, enabling the child to feel comfortable in discovery. The multi-age classroom facilitates cooperative learning, grace & courtesy, and independent thinking skills.


In the Primary classroom, children develop their practical life skills and learn to care for their environment. They discover the relationship between shapes, colors, and sizes through the sensory materials. A plethora of mathematics, language, science, and geography materials are readily available for their use.


Each child learns at his or her own pace and as such, will not be forced to learn subjects they are not ready for, which is unique to Montessori education.

Lower & Upper Elementary Classrooms (ages 6-12)

Montessori education doesn't end with Kindergarten - in fact, it is really just beginning. CMA's Elementary classrooms are designed to maximize independent learning and exploration. The curriculum allows each child to advance in all levels by directing the child's curiosity and sensitivity through each subject area. 


One of the unique advantages in the Montessori classroom is the encouragement given to children to expand their horizons and explore new dimensions beyond the immediate learning situation. While many children are capable of completing a worksheet or an assignment, Montessori children want to explore the "why" and "how" things are the way they are. Paper and pencil have merit, but when combined with concrete learning materials and an unlimited ceiling, the child reaps the greatest benefit - meeting his or her own need for understanding.


As the students progress through each Montessori level, they increase their opportunities for real-life experiences. Field trips are an essential part of the Montessori experience and all ages participate.