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Christian Montessori Academy offers a positive, progressive Montessori workplace experience where Christ is our source and strength in our approach to educating our children of today - our leaders of tomorrow.


Job Title: Full-time Float Teacher/Middle School Assistant

Job Description

This position is a full-time position that will serve 2 purposes. A Float Teacher will step in and facilitate operations of the classroom in the event a Guide or Assistant is unable to work. Classroom can vary among our Primary, Lower Elementary, or Upper Elementary. When coverage of another class is not needed, this person will act as our Middle School Assistant. Students in the Middle School classroom range from 12- 15 years of age. 


Daily duties of either role include but are not limited to:

  • Observing, guiding, supervising, and assessing children while they learn in the classroom environment.

  • Creating and maintaining a safe, clean, stimulating classroom where all children feel safe and valued.

  • Establishing rapport and building relationships with students based on trust.

  • Setting an excellent example for students and instilling good values in them like honesty, accountability, understanding, tolerance, respect, love, and kindness.

  • Ensuring classroom supplies and equipment are available and in working condition.

  • Participating in school activities and accompanying students on field trips.

  • Maintaining open communication with Lead Guide, Classroom Assistant, Office Manager and Director



  • Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Teaching, Education, or a related discipline is recommended.

  • An ability to teach groups of children of varying ages, needs, and abilities.

  • Patience and excellent observational, communication, and diagnostic skills.

  • The ability to multitask, keep calm under pressure, and treat everyone with love and respect.

  • Excellent planning and organizational skills.

  • A lifelong learner who can be a good role model for children.

To apply for this position please send your resume to

Job Title: Substitute Teacher(s)

Job Description

A Substitute Teacher will serve in an on-call capacity to step in and facilitate operations of the classroom in the event that the Lead Guide or Classroom Assistant is unable to be at work. The Substitute Teacher will work closely with the staff in carrying out the philosophy of Maria Montessori and CMA for children ages 3-13 years old. The Substitute Teacher will be responsible for maintaining order and working with students to keep the schedule of activities as set by the Lead Guide.


Examples of daily duties include:

  • Helping in classroom/outside/Extended Day as needed

  • Keeping work periods orderly and quiet

  • Maintaining open communication with Lead Guide, Classroom Assistant, Office Manager and Director

  • Quietly redirecting disruptive children or situations

  • Documenting and reporting all injuries

  • Relaying parent questions/concerns to the appropriate person


If you enjoy a new experience every day and enjoy getting to know children in varied classrooms, please consider becoming an on-call Substitute Teacher at CMA. If you would like to apply to become a Substitute Teacher, please send your resume to





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