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Christian Montessori Academy provides a learning environment where children can blossom to their full potential. Our students are encouraged to make choices to help develop a sense of independence and self-worth. We believe that the impressions formed today have a lasting impact on a child's attitude toward learning and life itself. Building self-esteem through choices made and consequences thereof results in confident, understanding, and caring adults ready to experience life to its fullest.


CMA's multi-aged classrooms invite learning from multiple sources in an enticing, stress-free setting. Our curriculum includes all subjects based on Dr. Montessori's theory of education and her techniques used in order to reach various levels of learning styles unique to each child. We currently serve ages 3-15 in our Pre-K through 8th grade classrooms.




Christian Montessori Academy is dedicated to sending enlightened, motivated, independent thinkers into the world who are willing and able to strive for peaceable excellence in all areas of life.




Christian Montessori Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, creed, or national origin. Applicants and their families should understand that Dr. Maria's Montessori's collaborated religious curriculum will be present and taught in each classroom.



At this time, CMA is able to provide tuition assistance that is made possible through fundraising opportunities. If there is a hardship placed on your family after enrollment, acceptance, and a minimum 1 year attendance, please make an appointment to discuss possible arrangements for tuition.




Dr. Maria Montessori was a scientist and physician who pioneered early childhood learning and facilitated through her own designs, a way of educating children through purposeful play. Her curriculum includes all basic subjects: mathematics, language, writing, reading, science, history, geography, sensorial experiences, and life skills for children as young as age 3. 


The Montessori method of instruction has been in place for over 100 years and continues to produce individuals who are capable of making decisions, learn to their fullest potential, question the world around them, and strive to overcome.



As a recognized 501(c)3 entity, we are solely dependent upon tuition and various donations made by generous community citizens, organizations, and families. 


It is our dream to build an eco-friendly new school to house our wonderful students and implement our current and future programs to their fullest extent.

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