Christian Montessori Academy is dedicated to offering a joyful, loving, and supportive learning environment in a Christ-centered atmosphere.  We realize that each child is a unique individual with different needs.  We are sensitive to this diversity and provide classroom environments where children develop a love of learning and a natural curiosity about the world in which we live.


CMA's multi-aged classrooms invite learning in an enticing, stress-free setting. Our authentic Montessori materials and  curriculum provide concrete learning experiences and the joy of discovery. They are also the basis for abstraction in future learning. CMA currently serves ages 3-12 in our Primary through Upper Elementary classrooms.


Christian Montessori Academy provides:

  • A fun, interesting learning environment

  • Concrete applications of lessons

  • Individualized educational studies

  • Opportunities to learn beyond the lesson 

  • Acceptance of different learning styles

  • A family oriented, multi-age classroom

  • A non-competitive, low stress atmosphere

  • An emphasis on whole learning and retention

  • Repetition of lessons for understanding

  • Comprehension based assessment

  • A great place to learn!