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2013-2014 calendar   revised 4/14

2014-2015 calendar  revised 3/14

School closings:  You may watch KOTV, KJRH, KTUL, and Fox23 news stations for closing information. You may also call CMA, 918-628-6524, for current information.

NEW:  School messaging alert system for notifications to your cell phone, both emergency and non-emergency.

CMA follows most area school calendars, with Christmas and Spring Breaks being similar.

Tours are given daily. For information, click here.

January 2014

Christian Montessori Academy
   * A Christ-centered foundation
   * A year-round, progressive curriculum
   * A fun, interesting learning environment
   * Concrete applications of lessons
   * Individualized educational studies
   * A unique opportunity to learn beyond the lesson
   * Acceptance of different learning styles
   * A family oriented, multi-age classroom
   * A non-competitive, low stress atmosphere
   * An emphasis on whole learning and retention
   * Repetition of lessons for understanding
   * Comprehension based assessment
   * Montessori certified teachers
   * A great place to learn!

Core curriculum includes: Mathematics,
Language Arts, Writing, Reading, Science, History,
Geography, Sensorial experiences, Life Skills,
Spanish, Art, & Music.

Extra-curricular activities are: Field Trips, Computer, Swimming, Instrumental Band, Drawing Instruction, Piano, Mandarin, & Home Economics.