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CMA uses the hands-on Montessori method of instruction, utilizing Dr. Maria Montessori's
innovative materials to aid in learning. We provide extended learning opportunities in core subjects: Math, Science, Language, Reading, Writing, History, Geography, Sensorial lessons, and Practical Life lessons. In addition, we offer Art & Music, basic Sign-Language, and Spanish to all students.

Students may also choose: Swimming, Computer, Art Classes, Mandarin, Piano lessons, Recorder, Instrumental Band, and Home Economics.

CMA also incorporates a Homeschool Enrichment Program. Homeschooled students attend class twice per week for socialization and enrichment activities. We work closely with your curriculum to assist with certain subjects and/or challenge your child in their studies. Contact the Director for information mmheaberlin@gmail.com.

NEW! CMA is growing! We are currently enrolling for our high school enrichment program. Students will enroll in an on-line curriculum through their current residential school district. The student will attend CMA with their laptops and receive individual instructional guidance, as well as participate in our school functions, field trips, and community service projects.

We are currently enrolling for our Middle School program (7th-8th grade).

CMA's Middle School classroom is open and growing! We have reviewed the core standards to ensure consistency with curriculum, both meeting and exceeding the guidelines. Since students work at their own pace, the potential for acceleration as well as remedial work is limitless.

Each subject area has opportunites for hands-on and real-life experiences. For example, students studied Ancient Egypt in preparation for a field trip to the Philbrook Museum of Art's "To Live Forever" exhibit. They make teaching displays for younger students, create PowerPoint presentations, and write reports. In English, there is focus on grammar, composition, and literature. Students also write the school newsletter, which involves interviewing, article writing, and computer publishing.

Students experience real-life consumer math practice by running the school's Fun Shop store. They conduct and maintain inventory count, budget, and sales transactions. A bi-weekly bake sale will create additional experience with budgets, shopping, baking, and selling items. Equally important is the donation of proceeds to selected charities.

Middle School students at CMA also participate in community service-learning projects such as last year's trip to First United Methodist Church of Claremore where they helped sort and distribute food for their food pantry and school supplies for needy children of Rogers County. Field trips are also an essential part of the Midde School curriculum.

The students created a "CSI lab" last year and enjoyed exploring the fields of DNA and genetic marker analysis, facial reconstruction, and forensic entomology. They built a "crime scene" complete with mystery, identification of the "victim", and fingering the "culprit"!

Middle School at CMA is loads of fun, a great learning experience, and never boring!

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